Overhall the schedule calendar

New Contributor

We have been working on a way to utilize our salesman's schedule.  Currently we are using outlook to do so but would love to get rid of outlook as our calendar app and utilize service titan.  It looks like as though there are some good bones in the scheduling calendar section but I have some feedback on how it could be better to help people with booking estimates.

1. Color coding techs.  When you look at the schedule calendar and have multiple techs selected you have to hover over the scheduled job to see who it is assigned to.  If you could utilize color coding similar to the dispatch board that would make life much easier. This would allow multiple techs to be shown on the screen and be clearly defined.

2.  The ability to add to the calendar.  As it seems right now the schedule calendar section does not allow you to add anything to it.  You can access the jobs that have already been booked but you would have to go multiple places to either add time off to a tech or schedule a job for them.  To give it the ability to add time off or add a job I understand would make it pretty much the dispatch board but it could be more of a focused schedule vs. the dispatch board that has a lot going on.


I hope you look at this feedback and the community could help me clean this up to make it even better.  😁