Phone call Job type

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We have a job type for Phone Call Follow Up, meaning a physical visit is not necessary, just a phone call is needed. The issue with having it be a job type is that it must get dispatch and arrived to close out completely, or else it will be left in the scheduled job tray. The other issue is it showing up in the technicians routes. 

Does anyone have ideas that could help us? 

I cant use non job events because I need to have proof of the phone call and have it be recorded and saved. Non job events also stop showing after the assigned time frame which could be an issue. 


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Is it a reminder for the technician to call? Have you tried using the follow-ups tab? It's a permission "access follow-ups" under technician settings. This is a great tool for the techs and the office to perform follow up's. They can be logged and tracked and you can add notes in the follow-up. Check it out in the knowledge base!