Service Titan CSR app

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The Service Titan app is designed for Technicians.  If you are not a technician, you cannot sign into the app.  If Service Titan does not want to allow this, it would be great if they created a CSR App.  One that would allow easy access to dispatch board and call booking. 

We have 8 managed techs, so we only have about 4-5 emergency calls per weekend. Many of my CSR's take the emergency phone, and it is really difficult for them to have access to a computer or laptop.  If we could send them with an iPad like the tech, it would make booking calls when not in the office much more covenient.

Many times I have to log into ST on my phone and continue to blow up and shrink the image of the website so I can book a call.


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Even a chromebook could be a great option 

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Hello @jason_ho,

You can post this idea at and others users will be able to vote for it. Many posted ideas get implemented in future releases.