Dismissed Booking

It would be nice to be able to undo a dismissal of a booking. My company requires payment up front so when they pay the same time they book and we dismiss it, we do not know where that money goes. Also some people do make mistakes and then a customer...

Notifications from Techs texting CSR back on Dispatch Board

We are constantly texting our technicians through the Dispatch Board. A nice feature would be for us to somehow get a notification that stands out on the Dispatch Board when the technician texts us back. With so many techs that are constantly dispatc...

eesposit by New Contributor
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Booking NEW CUSTOMER setup

Does anyone find it annoying that when you set up a new customer in the booking screen that the options for job notifications and marketing updates is a default option in this screen but not invoice/statement delivery?There should be an option at tha...

ken_w by New Contributor
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Resolved! Booking Request Dismissed Alert

This relates to booking integrations (not calls) that come through the same call calls screen. We have integrated website leads to come into Service Titan as bookings. Unfortunately, there is nothing to prevent any user from dismissing a booking and ...

vha9215 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Zipcodes when booking a call

Zip Codes - Is there a feature with Zipcodes?If we have zip codes assigned to our areas. Is there a feature with Service Titan when booking a call that is NOT in our zipcode that will alert us when booking a job?If not, won't this be a good way to ma...

deborah_6 by New Contributor
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Call Reasons

Hello! I'm curious to know how everyone has their call reasons set up.We're diving deeper into our call booking metrics and I'd like to hear/see what practices you are using.What call reasons are leads? Which are not?

heeaaath by New Contributor
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Ountbounders and thoughts

Just curious who here has CSR's that are strictly outbound callers? Right now, our CSRs are handling both and I feel like the out bounding is getting a bit neglected. If you do have out bounders, what does that role look like? What expectations do yo...

amandaz88 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Setting Alerts to Call Reasons?

So we are trying to streamline some of the Call Booking Processes to our lead dispatcher. we were trying to find a way that would set an alert based of the call reasons. As in , if someone in the office takes a customers call and they are unable to b...

user_f54 by New Contributor II
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