Setting Alerts to Call Reasons?

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So we are trying to streamline some of the Call Booking Processes to our lead dispatcher. we were trying to find a way that would set an alert based of the call reasons. As in , if someone in the office takes a customers call and they are unable to book a job due to not knowing availability on the board we want them to close and classify the call as a "Needs to reschedule a Prescheduled Appointment". We were hoping there was an alert option to send an email to our lead dispatcher when that option is selected.  Speaking with Service Titan support that is currently not an option. what are some options other companies are doing to navigate this?




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Have you considered the alert for booked job and then perhaps setting up a tag for that specific call reason labeled "prescheduled appointment"? We don't have an alert for call reason specifically but this may be a simple workaround. 

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