It's Go Time Book Winners!

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Hey LadyTitans!
Thank you all for attending the July LT Meeting and thank you to Dave for being so willing to speak and share all of the amazing books and things you have learned with us!! For those that did attend, you were entered into receiving a free copy of "It's Go Time" from Dave!! Thank you Dave Rothacker for everything that you do for LadyTitans! 
Congrats to our winners! We will be reaching out to get updated info soon!

🏆Stephanie Mincey

🏆Cristie Ho
🏆Lisa Henkelman- Skala
🏆Madison Taylor Robertson
If you would like to purchase the "It's Go Time" book, but were not selected, here is a LT exclusive bonus code to receive a special rate from Dave!
Exclusive It’s Go-Time book offer - $20.00 per book plus shipping. Use the code “LadyTitans20” when ordering here: Offer expires 8/15/22.

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WooHoo!!! Can't wait to get it!