Booking Confirmations on the dispatch board

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When booking confirmations get sent via SMS to the customer, would there be value in that "C" reply automatically confirming the appointment on the dispatch board and changing the color coding to the confirmation blue?


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Thanks for the reply.  I have conflicting information and I'm working with CSM team to clarify.  If you have a setting enabled that allows "C" replies to automatically update the appointment status on the dispatch board, could you outline the steps to enable it or post screen snips?

I'd say start here in Knowledge Base:  Overview: Customer notifications

As far as when it will auto confirm, I do believe that is a back end setting, only your CSM can turn it on.  Another thing to maybe do is reach out to the ST Help Chat - they will be able to provide you with good information with knowledge base as well.

The CSM Team got the answer: 

The initial booking confirmation will not change the color of the appointment on the dispatch board. 

If the "24 hour reminder" is turned on with the SMS notifications, when the customer replies "C" to the reminder the day before, that will change the color of the appointment on the dispatch board.

Thanks for your input, it was helpful to dig in.

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Are you referring to when you send the message manually in office?  We have ours set up to do that from the appointment reminder, when they text in that "C" it confirms them on the Dispatch Board.  Maybe an account configuration?   I'd suggest asking your CSM.

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I agree this would be a wonderful feature. 

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Hi, I think this is a great idea for the ideas section of the community, be sure to reply to this post with the link to your idea so I can easily go and like it as I think this would be a great feature as well!