Currently ST only shows the previous 100 days of jobs in the job tray of the dispatch screen. Is it possible to increase this? Until today we did not even know about the 100 days and have missed some jobs- out of sight, out of mind.

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You are correct, it will only show 100 days in the past. Worth noting that on hold jobs don't have that same restriction, the logic being that you really should be completing jobs that were scheduled more than 100 days in the past unless there was a specific reason you actually didn't go out there, and that's a perfect reason to put it on hold to reschedule for the future when that reason has been resolved!

Example: waiting on a part to come in 

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I am not entirely sure what the issue is here? I am sure you can run a custom report to get this specific information. If you want some more info on the custom report can you please elaborate on what you are talking about.