Smart Phone Spam Filters

My CSR team is getting a rapid increase of customer feedback that their smart phones are not registering they are even receiving a call from our office due to smart phone spam filters, either from our sales team members or from dispatchers. Is anyone...

Setting up zones

I would like to get other ideas out there on setting up the zones with Service Titan. I have been a ST user since 2017. Have seen 2 other companies use it and wondering the best practices at it.Normally the zip codes are labeled in a zone which is th...

Resolved! Favorite Feature

What is your favorite feature in dispatch or call booking that helps your business to be more efficient and cut travel time?Our most recent discovery has been Maps 2.0, we are currently using it to review our schedule and mapping for the next day to ...

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Resolved! Dispatch "holding area" for calls requiring same day service

As we are getting busier, we have a pretty extensive list each day of residential service calls that need priority service that day. The "unassigned" tab shows all calls unassigned (commercial/residential/etc). We need a better way to show which resi...

LisaWilson by New Contributor II
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Remove equipment

Trying to figure out the equipment doesn't show when hovering over a job on dispatch board. Thanks.

ST Hover.jpg
timmyc4175 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Dispatch Board - participate in a brand new study

Hello! I am Larisa, a User Experience Researcher from the ServiceTitan Experience Design Team. Today, we are launching a brand new study to help us improve Dispatch, and we would love your input. Please note that this is a different study from the on...

Help Us Improve Dispatching! Share Your Feedback Today.

Hello! I am a Product Manager at ServiceTitan for our Dispatching features. We're constantly working to improve our product and would love your dispatcher input. If you are a Dispatcher, please take a few minutes to test out some new features and sha...

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add columns to job trays

would love to see a column added to the canceled jobs tab that is for reason for cancelationalso would love a column for the reason a job is on hold can be found in the hold tab in the job tray

titanz1 by New Contributor II
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