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We just recently started using Dispatch Pro.  With our understanding, if a technician completes a job and doesn't have any other jobs assigned to him on the board that day, Dispatch Pro should automatically move a job to him from another technician if it's within the same arrival window.  We have been experiencing that this isn't happening.  It leaves all jobs in that arrival window on other techs and this one tech has no more jobs assigned to him.  Any feedback on this?  


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DP optimizes for overall value, soyou can also adjust some jobs to the "Urgent" priority level which will focus on someone who's available sooner. You can also manipulate the arrival windows to being shorter to sometimes force the change as well. We want to keep as many jobs in DP as possible, so some of these things can be done proactively if they aren't fully booked and anticipate some techs getting done a lot sooner. Keep in mind, it won't immediately do it bc it is working off 10 minute intervals for same day business hours. There's also the max drive time component that COULD restrict it from some techs. 

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Hi, @CapitalCyndiBThank you for reaching out. One of our product experts will be in touch shortly to further assist you.