Does Mass Reschedule just see the original booked date on a record. When I go to a date Mass Reschedule only "sees" records with that date while missing all the other unassigned records that were booked on different dates but haven't been assigned yet.

If you cant use Mass Reschedule to reschedule all the unassigned calls left on a particular day despite when they were originally booked what good is it? What am I doing wrong.

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Recurring Service Events- is there a way to look up or track deactivated recurring events? or a way to RE activate those recurring service events?

Example, a customer has multiple locations on recurring services. They change vendors and we go through to deactivate those recurring service events... well the customer changes their mind and wants to come back and reactivate there services. There i...

Turn off Job notifications for certain job types

Is there a way to turn off notifications for certain job types? I know there's a way to turn off for either commercial jobs or residential jobs. We have a job type called "In office estimate" and having a job reminder for that isn't needed and is con...