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I am inquiring 2 things. 

1.We track our CRMs on average dispatched miles. We also use phone call jobs when techs have to call customers, to have a paper trail. These phone call jobs skew there numbers as we do not want to delay a customer being contacted. But the dispatcher is not actually routing them to this location. Has anyone found a work around for the the average dispatch miles,  filter out certain job types? 

2. Does anyone have a standard metric for a healthy dispatched miles. I know this depends on the radius of your service area. I have one brach that from the 2 farthest points has a possible travel distance of 107 miles.. we currently want this area to average 15 miles for the month.. I am not sure if this is a reasonable expectation? Or how I would create a formula to determine so. 

Thank you.


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

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