Help Decide the Dispatch Team Name Row Color

Hi everyone!The Dispatch Product team has been listening to your feedback and would love your input on the Dispatch Board Team Name Row color. Please click this link to be taken to a quick 2-minute survey. It will show you four different color option...

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Resolved! Teams on Dispatch Board

Does anyone know if it's possible to change the background color on the dispatch board? With the latest release, the line with the Team name is all white, just like a technician shift. It's going to take some getting use to because now it looks like ...

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Schedule on TV

We have a Smart TV on our warehouse and every time we want to open the dispatch board we need to connect a computer to the screen.Is it possible to put the dispatch board on the TV 24/7?I tried logging into ST on the TV browser but as soon as I try t...

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Issue with Dispatch - Refreshing Data at sign-in

Hey, we're having an issue with a couple employees where when they first go to sign in to ST, they land on dispatch and are met with the screen saying "Refreshing Data," continuously. Then they'll have to sign out and back in before they see the corr...

Resolved! Closing Jobs

Hey All!I am looking for feedback on closing jobs. Currently, my technicians closeout their own jobs. However, we are looking into having the techs reach out to their manager to essentially have that job reviewed and then closed by that manager. We a...

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[WEBINAR] Dispatch Pro: The Future of Dispatching is Here

Join us on Thursday, July 20th, at 10 am PT to hear about our latest innovation, Dispatch Pro! Powered by Titan Intelligence, Dispatch Pro is a machine learning algorithm that automatically assigns technicians to jobs to maximize profit. Learn about ...

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Organizing the dispatch board

Hi! Just spoke with a tenant with a good idea for organizing the dispatch board, it would be really useful if we can implement a feature to organize the technicians on the Business Unit by productivity, and to organize the Business Unit on the Dispat...

Dispatch Lagging

Hello Has anyone else been experiancing lagging between the technician's and their Dispatchers. The passed coulpe days our system would almost pause then later it would just zoom through our technician's dispatched jobs all at once. In some cause not...

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Dispatcher Performance Report

Hello, I am inquiring 2 things. 1.We track our CRMs on average dispatched miles. We also use phone call jobs when techs have to call customers, to have a paper trail. These phone call jobs skew there numbers as we do not want to delay a customer bein...

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