In Field Prescheduling

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Hey Guys!


We have been using Service Titan for about a year and are starting to look into setting up capacity planning.


I have a couple questions to see if the community can help me out with on some things we do or may need to change.


Question 1

I have a good understanding on how capacity planning works and what we need to do set up.  One issue we have is we currently are having out technicians prescheduling our service members in the field.  We  have them putting the date 6 months in the future and notating in a form so our dispatcher can book the job.   at the moment this is working fine. Our owner is wanting to kind of steer our maintenance's toward our slower times of the year and doing so we want to give them the ability to see the capacity during those times.  Is there a way to show that via the mobile app or is there a report we could generate and share so they know when they should try to schedule these dates?

Question #2 

On Call/Weekend Shifts I am adding these shifts to my board but not seeing the technician as available when doing capacity planning. Am I doing something wrong or does it not show up?



Thanks For all Responses 



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Hi user_f54, 

There currently isn't a way for technicians to view capacity in mobile. As a workaround, you could build a custom report using the Technicians > Jobs report templates to send your technicians a report with a list of their future scheduled jobs and appointment start times. 

For your capacity planning issue, on-call shifts are considered emergency-only and do not count toward the total available hours.

I hope this helps!