What kind of skills are you utilizing to improve your capacity planning?How many job types are tied to skills and are you able to leverage this for capacity planning? We leave calls unassigned until dispatched and struggle to make ACP work properly.

ACP Help

For those of you using ACP how did you configure it so only the service professional with the correct skill set is showing? For example, we have HVAC serv & Maint. as a business unit group. We only have one tech that currently services boilers, but i...

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Resolved! Dispatch Pro: Multi-Person Jobs

Fellow Dispatch Pro users, I'm looking for input on how you're handling Dispatch Pro when you have a tech and helper riding together. If you assign the call to both then DP turns off. Are you just assigning the lead and leaving the 2nd person as idle...

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[WEBINAR] Dispatch Pro: The Future of Dispatching is Here

Join us on Thursday, July 20th, at 10 am PT to hear about our latest innovation, Dispatch Pro! Powered by Titan Intelligence, Dispatch Pro is a machine learning algorithm that automatically assigns technicians to jobs to maximize profit. Learn about ...

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Interested in ACP (Adjustable Capacity Planning)

If you haven't joined our CSR / Dispatcher Group here in community, we'd invite you to join. A couple of weeks ago in the group, we shared an article on nine best practices on how to effectively schedule technicians. We are going to take a deep dive ...

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Setting up ACP

Good Morning All!We are playing with the idea of implementing capacity planning. I'm in the next environment and set our base capacity to 0 with our tech shifts for a 9 hour window. When I go to the Capacity planning page the hours fluxuate between 3...

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Canceled Calls

I run a 25 tech plumbing company. We have anywhere from 900-1200 calls per month with a 92% booking rate. I would like to know what is the average canceled calls % to booked calls regardless of reasons. Also what to you is an acceptable reason and wh...

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In Field Prescheduling

Hey Guys! We have been using Service Titan for about a year and are starting to look into setting up capacity planning. I have a couple questions to see if the community can help me out with on some things we do or may need to change. Question 1I hav...

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