Photos in Technician Chat so Techs Can Text Photos to Office


We'd love to see the ability to receive photos in the office from techs. Often, our techs try to text photos to our office line and they come through as empty chat messages. If the plumbers don't mention they sent a photo, we miss them all together.


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Hey @erinpbradley 👋

I think this is a great idea and would encourage you to post it in the Ideas section. That's the dedicated place for product feedback and is monitored by our product managers. It's also easy for other users to vote on ideas or add in their use case.

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This would be great. I am constantly using personal cell because we lost photo sending options when we intergrated. Some of them are job related but they need immediate assistance. Sometimes it's receipts, or fun photos for our social media for later use. 

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Hi Erin! Are these photos related to a customer or jobs/estimates? 

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