Technician Dispatch Notifications

We have several locations with separate accounts and all locations except our maui location works well when text/email notifications go out for dispatch to the tech. Maui however did work in the past but hasn't for some time, email works but no text ...

Resolved! Closing Jobs

Hey All!I am looking for feedback on closing jobs. Currently, my technicians closeout their own jobs. However, we are looking into having the techs reach out to their manager to essentially have that job reviewed and then closed by that manager. We a...

melaniehammond by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Technician Memo

We want to build technicians profiles out so that on the dispatch board call bookers and dispatchers can make sure we are prioritizing right tech to right call. I am working on building the skills portion so that we make sure the tech can do each job...

Resolved! Open jobs.

Is there a way that I can put on ST jobs that additional work is needed but we don't have a schedule date yet? For example, we need to go back and do trenching and ground rods when the ground is thaw. Where can I stick that job without scheduling?Sec...

TitanAdvisor - Job Booking & Dispatching

Hi all. I have one dispatcher who uses the dispatch board to send messages to our technicians almost everyday. But the percentage of dispatcher who visited the dispatch board is only 12.5% which is not right. Does anyone have the same issue or knows ...

faribam1 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Next day jobs

Good Afternoon, We would like to suggest an idea on technicians not seeing jobs for the next day till they come in to work. Like setting a time when they can see them. Example our technicians here start at 7AM. we would like them to see there next da...

vanessar by New Contributor
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Technician View

Is there any way for the technicians to view a Google Maps location photo? In a previous service we used the technicians would be able to see a photo of the property and general info (that is linked to google). Is there any way to add that feature?