Schedule Assistant needs work

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We are trying to become more efficient with our routing and job scheduling. We're a pretty large company that does 50+ stops within a 40-mile radius of our shop every single day. We're tired of driving to the same towns that are 45+ minutes away, only to realize that we will be in that same town the next day, multiple times a week (especially with trucks that get 5 MPG!!!!). If you're struggling with that same problem, I really encourage you to turn on "Schedule Assistant" in your account and try it out. This feature suggests the best date, time, and technician based on where technicians are already scheduled. However...

We would love to use this feature, but it is so finicky!! Our biggest issue is that we do not schedule our routes or technicians until the night before (because of many factors - it's what works best for us). To use schedule assistant, you NEED to have every job assigned to a technician and a correct time slot for it to identify what "time slots" are available for a technician in a certain area. Please check out my idea in the ideas section of community: and give it a vote if you agree! 

This is a newer feature that really needs developing and would be EXTREMELY beneficial to so many companies, especially ones that do a lot of traveling. Please try it out for yourself and add some ideas if you think it needs work. If it gets enough votes, it'll hopefully catch the eyes of the product developers. Thank you!!!!


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YES! I submitted an idea a while ago to finally combine Schedule Assistant and ACP! I am not sure why they were created separately.