Setting up zones

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I would like to get other ideas out there on setting up the zones with Service Titan.  

I have been a ST user since 2017.  Have seen 2 other companies use it and wondering the best practices at it.

Normally the zip codes are labeled in a zone which is the city? 

Or does it broke out further based on the location?  

Want to make sure we set it by the best practice and not over complicate it. 

Kimberly Pizer

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

A good use case example for us is we may have a tech that services 61822 and 61820 but not 61850.  We are able to add the Main Zone to their tech profile and color coordinate the dots based on zip codes on the jobs.  We use city names w/ surrounding area like a giant service zone with many zip codes.  So each city area below is multiple zip codes each to identify which techs are based.  This helps since we have 4 locations in a relatively small area.  Hope this helps as an option. 



ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hey @kimberlypizer -- you're right, zips live within a zone and you can include one or more cities. Here's an article you may find helpful on setting up and using zips and zones!

Sheena @ NiFT