Mass Follow Ups?

Every quarter we send out over 600+ emails to remind customers about their annual maintenance. We then log our follow up so our CSRs know who has been had a reminder sent and who hasn't. Sending the mass email is extremely easy and we have no issues ...

Can we have an "Owner/Technician" dual login

Currently, according to my corporate office support - we can only have either an office side login OR a technician login. I desperately need a "dual" login! Our owner is out in the field (one login would be ideal) working along side of our guys and t...

Schedule Board is a mess

Does anyone use the Schedule board? Our company runs about 40+ Calls a day, 10 months of the year. It would be nice if the schedule board could be more organized. Everything overlaps each other and really becomes unorganized. Service Titan is a great...

Schedule board
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Respond to a text message

Is there a way receive a SMS text and then respond to it? For example: With the new text feature to let customers know that the technician is on the way. So we were testing this new feature, and we had the test write back to cancel the appointment be...

Could we get severe weather alerts?

Would you be able to add a function, based on zip code, to alert us of severe weather heading our way? Maybe giving us a 5-7 day advance notice? This could be a function that we could turn on ourselves, input our zip code, and get alerts. We all foll...

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