Technician Dispatch Notifications

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know anything about being able to only allow the tech to see one job at a time until they are finished with current job? We are trying to get them to check in after each call, but also want to have the ability on scheduling end to see their whole schedules. Any Suggestion?? Thanks 

Lisa Hernandez

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Yes you can update this permission in settings on the individual level. You can also update it at the global level by going to Settings > Search > Mobile and you can choose the Appropriate option for Appointment Filter there as well.


If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out anytime

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We have in Settings, under Technicians, edit, Profile under basic Info, we have Enable Mobile Access enabled and there is an 'Upcoming Appointment Visibility" where you can select what you want them to see. It is assigned at the tech level. So if you have Lead/foreman you may want them to have more visibility.