When scheduling a new job which overlaps with already existing one we receive a warning banner aski

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Scheduling a Job, you look at the Dispatch Tab and find a date that looks like it will work, because there is time available there, you enter all of the details and Save, then you get a Pop Up Bubble warning that the Technician is already assigned to a job, but the schedule is clear... Come to find out there is a Job that is on Hold, but not visible on the Dispatch screen, we could just hit ignore and move on, but we have told dispatchers to not to do that and get a lead to review prior.  

Is there a way when the Pop Up Banner gives this vague warning, that this could actually tell you why, like this time is on on Hold for Job # (with a link to it) and would you like to override and continue?

Have you found a work around? 


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

@JerryBeck, thanks for sharing your feedback. That sounds like something for the ideas page! 💡https://community.servicetitan.com/t5/Ideas/bd-p/ideas