"Alert" options for when techs are late to an appointment, and for when a job has not been completed

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I would love to have additional options when creating an alert, one being for appointments where a tech has not dispatched/arrived (x)min after the scheduled start time. These alerts could be directed to managers or dispatchers, so they can address the problems in real time, without babysitting the board for each guy. Another option I'd like to have is an alert for jobs that are still "In Progress" (x)min/hours/days after the most recent scheduled end time. Being able to optionally filter by job type, and set different time limits, would make it super customizable as well. This could help dispatchers and managers stay on top of situations that are not going as planned, but could also be directed toward the techs themselves, reminding them to close out jobs (especially at the end of the day).

I really feel like alerts and tasks are very underdeveloped, which is a shame. We would be able to do so much more inside ServiceTitan if both were a little more robust and integrated with other features. It's a huge pain when we have to manage communication and productivity outside ST, because all the relevant info is inside ST


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

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