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Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to add "Options not included" to an estimate? When we created our inhouse estimate we have a list at the bottom of the estimate for "Options not included" ie- additional return air install, duct sealing and duct cleaning, surge protectors, etc. But I'm not sure how to build these into the estimate in the job. Right now we just send the techs the in house one and create just the replacement opps. It would be super nice if we can have the options somewhere else on the estimate and if a customer chooses to add one of them we can just toggle to add to estimate. I hope this makes sense. I've been looking all over knowledge base but have not found an answer as of yet. 


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @jsugamele, Are we referencing selling to customers or instructing the install team on what to do from a sold estimate?

If you want your customers to have additional options to choose from that are not normally default installation services then you could duplicate the estimate and add additional options or line items creating multiple choices per opportunity. For example estimate A. New HVAC system, estimate B. New HVAC system plus return air grill, estimate C. New HVAC plus return air grill and duct cleaning.

There's also another option called progressive proposal types. These allow multiple estimates to be sold on the same opportunity (or job) so you could have estimate A. New HVAC, estimate B. Return Air Grill, estimate C. Duct Cleaning, etc. and customers could pick and choose, (you may need to clarify or label what the additional options are meaning they must purchase the new system first to choose any additions) 

It's really important to understand Opportunities vs Estimates, and Proposal & Estimate Templates, here's the link to the proposal types, https://help.servicetitan.com/how-to/add-proposal-types.
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