Any Other Costco/ServiceTitan Users?

New Contributor II

Hi Everyone,

I am reaching out to see if there are any other ServiceTitan users that sells HVAC Installations through Costco and would like to learn of their proposal / work order process. Many HVAC companies use the software, PricebookPlus, to propose multiple options to customers because they have the below setup that is attractive to the customer. "Your Price" is the invoice price and "Your Final Cost" is the invoice price less the additional Costco Gift Cards and Instant Rebates provided. In the end, the customer still has to pay the "Your Price", but the visual of the lower number for "Your Final Cost" is a huge sales tactic for HVAC companies. Does ServiceTitan have a way to show a similar visual to a customer? Are you aware of any workaround that other ServiceTitan users have sold through Costco and provide a similar option? My team is a big advocate of the ServiceTitan Estimate / Proposal technology, so we would love to spread this knowledge to other companies rather than those companies using a different software simply because of the below. I look forward to our discussion on this!

- Nick