Terms & Conditions - Client Signed with Estimate

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I am looking to have our terms and conditions connect to every estimate (terms matching service type). Does anyone know the best way to go about this? just add this link will not allow me the ability to have our clients sign or check that they acknowledge them.


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Go to Settings/ Operations/ Business Units  

Select the business unit and hit the Edit button.  Scroll down to "Authorization Agreement"  You can upload a pdf of your terms and conditions.  Then in the "Authorization Paragraph" you would set your wording that they agree to the attached term.  Then when they sign the Authorization, you should be set

Scott Forbes
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Hello @Miranda-POL,

You can separate service types by business units and have separate terms for each business unit.

How do I add the link to those terms - I cannot find it anywhere and when I put [Terms] in it opens a none existent link(error page)