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Good Evening, I was wondering if you would be willing to share with me your favorite thing about Service Titan that made your job so much easier? I am fairly new to Service Titan, and I love so much. However, I would have to say My Favorite thing about Service Titan would be the endless ways to get help when you get stuck. Service Titan Amazes me with how helpful and user friendly everything is! 




Favorite thing for me is you have the community to help you when you get stuck on something? Everyone is always so helpful.  

Tiffany Mendez
Office Manager / Genzel Plumbing

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Setting up automatic notifications (as emails) for tasks due and completion of tasks to notify for next sequence. 

- as techs complete a checklist (set up as a form in ST) an email is sent to the dispatcher. This email lets the dispatcher know that the form is completed and it can be sent to the homeowner. 

- we run Idle reports to track un-billable hours, we have a report run automatically and emailed to the dispatcher

- EOR (Emergency Outage Report) set up as auto email twice daily. This sends a list (excel or PDF) of all scheduled appts and customer details to the dispatchers. If any power outages or issues with wifi/data we are still able to hold to our schedule. This allows us to know where we are confirmed to go to in the case of connection issues. 


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I think my favorite think about ST is to know that one day we will move from this system! Really too much trouble and outrageous price for it.

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Favorite thing for me has probably been Sparks sessions.  Sometimes the topics are very entry level but the users that are in the groups are often 5+ years experience with ST so they may have work-arounds for the areas ST hasn't been able to update yet.  We have implemented at least 5 major workflows or adopted new software from these kind of meetings over the last few years.    

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Thank you! I will for sure have to attend some Sparks sessions. Appreciate your response! 

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Yes! I agree there Randi! The software we had for my last service company was not the greatest! Service Titan is simply amazing compared to what I was using. I also love customer communications and reports!

Danielle Franzke

Black-Haak Heating

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

That's a loaded question lol it depends on how bad your previous software was, ours sucked so most everything about ST has made our jobs easier! I would say customer communications and reports are 2 of my favorite things and have streamlined things!

Randi Thompson
Bill Joplin's Air Conditioning & Heating