Text Feature Pop-Up Gets Annoying

We recently installed the text to chat feature on our website. Every time you click on a new page, it pops up in your face and you have to cancel out to continue. For someone visiting one page of our site that's fine, but if someone visits more than ...

Updates/Changes id like to see

1.) Lets say a customer or something needs to change the time frame on a job. Lets say it was originally for 8am-12pm but now needs to be 12pm-4pm. When you move the job on the dispatch page to the new time frame, it does not change the arrival time ...

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Service Titan Dark Mode Instructions

This is simple instructions on how to get dark mode on Service Titan.1) Download / Install this chrome extension LINK2) Click add to chrome.3) Click the puzzle piece icon and pin it next to your chrome profile logo.3) Very it is now pinned.4) Right c...

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