New Year Prep?

I am wondering when everyone here analyzes this year and starts rolling out any new policies and procedures for compliance at the beginning of the new year. Personally, I’m one to look ahead and make the most of my last 90 days if possible. That usua...

Deactivated Technicians

Is there a work around for deactivated techs on invoices that need an adjustment? If we have to make an adjustment invoice for a job a deactivated tech is on, it gives error code it can not be done with a non-managed tech. So we either have to go in ...

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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ServiceTitan in Dark Mode

Disclaimer: To enable this, you need to play with your browser's internal flags, which if you are not careful may break your browser. Please be careful while doing the following changes!With that being said, if you simply change what mentioned here, ...


Typing HotKeys/Shortcuts

So I am unsure if I am using the wrong terms to try to find this, but does ST have a way that we can use typing shortcuts? That way we can just put like a period, colon, dash, etc to then put some letters down, then that would equal and code out to a...

Dawn2Dusk by New Contributor
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Default Landing Page Work Around

If you have an employee that is looking to have a different landing page when they log into ServiceTitan, that is not the normal landing page that come with their assigned role. Rather then making the a custom role and redoing the permissions. Just h...

Zachkays by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Have Visa/Debit as payment option

Hello! Here in Canada, we have so many customers who wish to pay with a Visa/Debit card however, these payments are not accepted through ST so they cannot pay their bill online or by phone with this type of card. Please consider adding Visa Debit car...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Schedule Viewing

There needs to be some tool that allows for us as office management to view the schedules, time off, and breaks taken in real time the same way that you can view it for the technicians. I understand that the office staff is often over looked in the t...