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We are doing an Ember session with Joel right now and it is Amazing! Since I started these sessions our Titan score is up 31 points. These sessions have been the most helpful of every training I have been a part of. I think there should be a standing Office/Zoom time for all Ember attendees to continue to get help and support after Ember is over. 


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Shoutout to our amazing Ember and Spark facilitators - @ssadeghi@JPachefs@mmontgom, and @tsjobeck 🎉

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I really enjoyed Embers too! I don't know if Joel has talked about this or not, but after Embers you can be in Sparks. It is similar to Embers, but only meets once a month. If you have an idea for an "Embers Hotline" or something like that you can drop it into the Ideas section and share the link here for people to vote on.

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