KNOWLEDGE SHARE- In the busy season, which workflow or feature has been the biggest game changer?

Former Titan

Its summer and for many it's the busiest time of the year.

What's a workflow or feature in ServiceTitan that you rely on in the busiest times that helps your company be more efficient, dazzle your customers or just make more money? 

Share with the community what's helping you to work smarter, not harder?



ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

1. Online scheduling for customers (The fact that it's tied to our ACP)

2. Chat

I know for some folks getting Online Scheduling set up can be a bit of work, but implementing chat is much simpler and is a game-changer from a customer experience (your customers) point of view!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

1.  Memberships - Priority Scheduling - With our Memberships our members get priority scheduling.  So that means we add TAGS to the appointment that they are the priority.  That way when we are searching for a job to move up, I look for the MEMBER and PRIOIRITY tag to ensure that we are moving the correct people. 

2.  ACP - I love that.  It makes it a smooth process for booking in call and knowing that we have the proper capacity showing for any future jobs.  This ensures that we are not overbooking or underbooking.  

Kristin Smith
Covenant Plumbing

Sometimes it's the simplest things! The more I play with them as part of workflows, the more I realize that using tags is only limited by your imagination. They are such a great tool for labeling and finding information!

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Prebuilt Estimate and Proposal Templates! It's a win all around from time-saving, closing and selling jobs, plus it's customer-friendly with the prebuilt options laid out nicely. 🙂

Sheena @ NiFT

This is great. The templates are such a great time saver.

A lot of companies use multi-option proposals for offering replacement options, but I think there are great benefits to offering multiple options in repair situations as well. Offering a simple "make it work again" can help get the customer to let their guard down and be more willing to consider more expensive options because they know they have the less expensive option to fall back on. 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

With chimney's this is unfortunately our slowest season. 😪 BUT with fall fast approaching I am very eager to be able to use the Schedule Assistant as part of our daily workflow. Throughout the winter months the chimney business is quite hectic. A lot of appointments a lot of impatience. With the schedule assistant we will now be able to schedule our technicians strategically. This will also give our customers,  as well as our staff, a few moments back in their day. I am excited to see how this all works! I will keep everyone posted with the results 😆

Madison Robertson
Chicken Lady Speaks

I'm excited to hear your feedback on Schedule Assistant. I've been working on adding a series of questions about the feature to the next update to the Certified Admin curriculum that we'll be publishing soon and have had the chance to play with the feature. I look forward to hearing about the impact it has in a company's day-to-day scheduling.

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Capacity Planning is amazing! I'm working on getting it up and running in my new company ASAP- the ability to be able to book jobs and know what is available without scrolling through the dispatch board is a game changer!

Jessica Woodruff Smith, LadyTitans Co-Founder & Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions