Option to add contacts to multiple pages/locations

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When adding a contact (phone, email) location page, would be neat to be able to add select an option to add that contact to the customer page... or "bulk" add the contact across multiple locations. i.e. multiple locations share the same contact information and instead of individually adding the contact info to every page, select locations from a drop down that would apply that contact with a single click


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We need a quicker way to add an existing customer contact information to new locations.  If there is a way to do this already, I need to know how.   

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This answer clearly did not read the original question. It would not be confusing, since the original question stated that it would be an OPTION to select if we want to add the new contact information to multiple locations or the customer. We already have a pop-up when we change contact information that is already linked between customer and location pages. It should be pretty simple to include this pop-up if we ADD contact information as well.

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Hi Bryan, and thank you for sharing this! I do want to mention that it would be confusing to add the phone number & email address from the location profile onto the customer profile as not all other locations profile in the customer profile have the same contact information.

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