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So I am unsure if I am using the wrong terms to try to find this, but does ST have a way that we can use typing shortcuts? That way we can just put like a period, colon, dash, etc to then put some letters down, then that would equal and code out to a message being automatic when you press tab or enter. 

Trying to minimize time to type out the same message over and over again. Plus it will be easy especially for CSRs and Dispatchers when leaving a note on the account or texting a customer. 

Ex. ;lmst = Left Message, Sent Text to (Name)      .disp = Hi this is (Company) I have (Tech) available. Are we okay to send them?              'shvac = Hi this is (Name) w/ (Company). I was reaching out to schedule that HVAC apt you wanted. 


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Hi Dawn2Dusk,

In many cases, computers are able to assign chains of actions to a specific keystroke. For example, in your keyboard settings, you can create a chain of these actions to write a set of words or symbols whenever you press CTRL + SHIFT + F3

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

You can integrate templates into your follow up screen, is that what you are trying to do?  Or what screen are you trying to do this at? 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

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LVM Left Voicemail

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