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@Vahe So the Customer Portal is a great idea...

But the follow thru is severely lacking.

I would like to invite a customer to have access to all their Customer Facing data: invoices, estimates, jobs in progress, current balance, payments, credits on customer profile, even forms. A simple checkbox on each element-"show on customer portal"-would give the company the ability to limit or grant access to certain information, and give the company the ability to offer clients access to unsold estimates as well as the option to accept an estimate. It is frustrating that such a potentially powerful tool is lacking the power to be truly useful, while Service Titan is busy introducing one Pro Product after another.πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ˜


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This is a great idea! It would be awesome to have the ability to customize every customer's visibility on the portal. Currently, customers do not have access to enough information. Zero visibility of upcoming jobs/appointments is especially frustrating!

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Thank you both for your feedback and interest in Customer Portal. I agree there is a lot of opportunity to improve the existing Customer Portal. We're eager to help ServiceTitan businesses save time by providing your customers with more self-service options.

ServiceTitan is actively developing an updated Customer Portal based on feedback just like yours. You both hit on use cases we've heard & are working towards. 

If you are interested in providing usability feedback or participating in our Early Access program, just let us know here. The team is always appreciative of folks we can partner with to continue evolving the ServiceTitan offerings.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Agreed, but they are working on it for sure. We need to be able to control it and have more visibility into the portal. This is an area that definitely needs improvement, hoping the new beta on it will come out soon! I believe it might be partnered with the new contacts update. 

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Is there any time frame? And can I request a similar thing for Task Management for Mobile? So I can set tasks like vehicle maintenance and DOT inspections, restocking, performance reviews, and such?