We are looking to add duct cleaning to our services

Any suggestions on duct cleaning equipment? I am familiar with rotobrush, but not many other companies. Any suggestions on reliable and affordable equipment? We aren't looking for a full truck setup, just a portable machine that we can fit in a littl...

JerryCobb by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Static caller ID

I want to set my caller ID to a static number- the knowledge base article is vague on how to accomplish this. Do I need to involve my CSM or am I missing the setting somewhere?Here's the knowledge base article that isn't helping! https://help.service...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Titan Score using Chat

It seems our Titan Score is going down because of our response time using Chat. Our CSR's Respond immediately. Not even a minute goes by. Could anyone give me some insight on how to increase our score or what is causing our score to go down because o...

Ameredith by New Contributor
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Resolved! Reclassify abandon calls

At the end of the day we have someone go through any abandon calls and reclassify them as to who answered and the reason that customer called. We try to keep out abandon call number as low as possible. But if someone hangs up before it rings in or th...


Why can the office side not send financing options to clients? Some of our estimates can be tens of thousands of dollars, and people need time to think it over. The tech cannot come back later just so they can stare at his ipad. We almost lost a big ...

Resolved! Survey

Is there a way to turn off the automatic survey sent by ST?

DamienJ5 by New Contributor
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