Implement Individual Tech notifications when a job is booked on their schedule

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Can someone please implement a feature to allow us to turn on text notifications for each tech that will send them an alert when a job is booked on their specific schedule? Seems like a no brainer feature to me but somehow is missing. For clarification I’m looking to add text alerts that go to the technician when a job is booked on their schedule but will NOT go out to everyone in the organization, as it is now.


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According to this knowledge base article on FAQs for Settings it says technicians are emailed notifications by default when dispatched, but it can be disabled. If techs have an email notification set up on their phone then they can see it come through.

Knowledge Base says: 

Technician profiles require either a unique email or a unique mobile number. If a technician only has an email address in their profile, by default, they are emailed dispatch notifications.

You can configure your account to:

  • Disable notifications if a technician self dispatches

  • Disable all email notifications to technicians

To configure your account, contact your success or implementation manager.