Did you know ... ? Easily share your Zaps!

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Hi all!

When we were getting this new board ready to share with you, I discovered that Zapier recently made it even easier for you to share Zaps with others. Check out the article here.

Did you know this already (or am I behind the times)? How many of you are using Zapier with ServiceTitan? What's your favorite Zap and how does it make your work with ServiceTitan even easier?


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I think that's a great idea Miranda! 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I am very green to Zaps, just slowly starting to dive into learning about them.  The company utilizes Zaps for booking forms, chats and a couple other items.

I would love to see ST have a library of Zaps available to its users for common things that are not part of ST yet!

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