Auto apply tags to jobs based on PO status

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ST-63 has a lot of good warehouse focused updated, but this one specifically is exciting because of how we communicate parts arrival for ready to schedule (currently using a tag system to volley the job between warehouse/scheduling team)

However, this feature might need refinement before we can utilize:
Can this be filtered to function based on BU?
PO's trickle in on Installation jobs, but we do not need notice-to-schedule in that case.
Whereas our Service calls would hugely benefit from an automatic tag-to-PO-status function, but not at the cost of unneeded/confusing tags in our other BU's.


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Hi @abenakiman - welcome to the ServiceTitan Community and congratulations on your first post! 🎉

These sound like great enhancements to some of the features of ST-63. I would encourage you to share this idea with our Product team via the Ideas board. Be sure to come back here and share the Idea ID (COMMUNITY-I-xxx) so others can upvote your idea!