Flag a customer from service if they are marked with do not service after booking an appointment.

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I see a few customer's get service when they are still owing money.

Can you design the Dispatch board to freeze an account for a job after they have booked a job and then fall behind on their account?


Customer calls and books a tune up for June. Falls behind on their account in May. Job has already been booked and shows on the dispatch board for June can it turn to a different color or maybe black to stop us from going out in June until the do not service is removed?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @mschmidt and congrats on your first post 🎉

You can mark a customer with the Do Not Service tag so your CSRs know that they shouldn’t book jobs with this customer. You can add the Do Not Service tag to any customer record. Find more details in the article.