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Hi Everyone, 

We are currently rolling out non-managed technicians on the ST Mobile App. I am curious to see how others are using this feature, being that they cannot complete a job without a managed tech assigned to the job. Is there a work around ? Do your non-managed techs just not use the mobile app ? And if you are using the mobile app, what permissions/features are you setting for them to do/not do. 

Any suggestions would be helpful. 

Thank you

Morgan & @jhufnagelERP 


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Thanks for the replies ! 

Due to every managed tech usually being on their own job, we created a "Fake" managed technician to add to our non-managed tech jobs so we can complete the work around for now. We also aren't billing directly from ST so we can alter the timesheets as we please. We will eventually look at upgrading them to "managed" but at this time we are already paying for 15 managed techs. 


This has been something that has been a struggle for us as well!! A lot of our "non-manged techs" often go out on their own to smaller jobs, or we are slowly training them to be out on the jobs by themselves. As you stated, non-manged techs can't complete jobs without a managed tech having time on that job. 

I did find a work around for this.. it's not super pretty but we use it in the rare chance we have non-manged techs on the jobs by themselves. I will assign a manged tech to the job. I will dispatch & arrive the tech from the office. I will then complete the job (it will let me since now there is a manged tech time on the job). usually, the invoice shows that the managed tech only had 1 min of time.. which I always remove from the invoice so the customer does not get billed.

Assigning the managed tec to the job and dispatching them only works if they are not already working on another job. I will often do this when the techs are gone for the day, so it does not interfere with their schedule. Again, not the prettiest work around, but it does its job. I did post an idea about this; that non-manged techs could be on jobs by themselves. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @MorganNovelli & @jhufnagelERP -- managed techs can do many things via mobile, including track their hours for payroll, complete forms, and collect customer signatures. Here's a helpful list showing the different capabilities between managed vs non-managed techs on the mobile app!

Sheena @ NiFT