Technician app, display what techs are currently working on this particular job

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I assign multiple technicians to each job. It would be very helpful if a technician starts working on a job.... if it would display "Joe is currently working on this job". As of 2/1/2022 it only displays if the job has been "paused".  It does not indicate to other technicians if another technician is currently working on a job.  It would be very helpful to my company if we could have a status that shows "Joe is currently working on this job".  

Can we please get some votes for this?   I think this would benefit lots of companies that assign multiple technicians to the same job.   Please let me know what you think.  Good idea?  I think its a great idea!!! 

Example of what the technicians see below.    

Screenshot_20230201_153130_ServiceTitan Mobile.jpg


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Hello @steve_so,

That is a great idea! You can post the idea at and other users will be able to vote for it to be implemented in future releases.