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What's New in Marketing Pro


  •  Ads Optimizer: Powered by Titan Intelligence, Ads Optimizer sends revenue and audience signals into Google Ads and significantly boosts your digital ad performance. Learn more about Ads Optimizer here or go straight to Ads Optimizer in Marketing Pro (must have Ads included in your Marketing Pro plan).

  • Neighborhood Opportunity Predictor included in Marketing Pro Analytics: By using the propensity score powered by Titan Intelligence, you can now target a specific segment group. This helps to increase the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns with fewer costs. Go to Marketing Analytics , scroll down to Geography Analysis and click on the TI Insights tab. 


New email templates and direct mail templates in Marketing Pro include:

  • World Alzheimers' Awareness Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Roofing - Why Metal Roofs are an Eco-Winner

 Direct Mail

  • Pricing Updates: 4x6 are now 70 cents per piece (as of September 1). Postage and Printing will be listed as separate line items on your invoice. Read here for details.
  • 6x9 Postcards: Delayed Rollout - This feature will rollout in October. 6x9 postcards will be 80 cents per piece. Check Direct Mail Template Gallery for new 6x9 templates.

 Email Marketing

  • Custom Fields added as Merge Tags in your email campaign templates - Enable custom fields to be used as merge tags in Settings > Marketing Pro > Custom Fields. Use your custom fields to personalize your email campaigns.. This leads to higher conversion rates and increases your customers' engagement and satisfaction.
  • New default Merge Tags to be used in your email campaign’s subject line: Personalize your emails by using more default merge tags in your campaigns’ subject line. This makes it easy for your customers to refer to these email campaigns later.


  • Reputation Review Response Generator: Powered by Titan Intelligence this feature allows you to generate tailored responses to reviews in just one click and match the voice and tone of your brand. Learn more.
  • Attach multiple technicians to verified reviews: Previously, you could only attach one technician to a review survey based on the technician who spent the most working hours on the job. Now, you can add more than one technician to a review to assign job credits to multiple technicians.
  • Filter Reviews and Monitoring screens using the updated Location filter: Now, you can use the updated Location Filter that includes the location name and the full address. This helps you easily drill down the information on the Monitoring and  Reviews screens.
  • Customize follow-up messages asking for reviews: Previously, follow-up messages were sent to your customers with the initial survey request information. Now you can customize the followup message to make them feel more personal and less spammy.
  • Listings and Review Management are disconnected in Reputation: If you use a different vendor for managing Listings but will want to use Marketing Pro - Reputation, this feature lets you keep your Reviews active while your Listings remain inactive. This is useful during Reputation onboarding when transferring listings ownership can delay customers from activating reviews.

Live Webinar - Thurs Oct 12 at 10am PT : Unlock the Power - Prep for 2024

Join industry advisor Angie Snow for “Unlock the Power — Prep your Business for 2024” our webinar made for you to learn how to evaluate your results, get help building a business planning checklist, and learn how you can execute a plan of action for 2024.  

>>Register Now

Webinar On-Demand - Let's Set up Marketing Pro Ads Together!

With Ads Optimizer in a free trial, the time is NOW to get Ads Measurement (DNI) set up. This webinar will be workshop style: come with your account open ready to do the setup. 

Johnny Wenzel, Product Manager for Ads, will walk attendees through each step of the setup process, including some lesser-known tips and tricks to get more out of the Ads feature. 

>>Watch Now

Marketing Summit - December 7-8, 2023 at our Glendale HQ

Are you looking to take your marketing strategy to the next level? At the Marketing for the Trades Summit, you'll learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights to grow your business. 

  • Learn the full funnel and different tactics to optimize your website for conversions
  • Make data-driven decisions and leverage your brand reputation
  • Learn how to measure twice and spend once with Google Ads
  • Discover how to use email, direct messaging, and SMS to recapture missed conversions and engage with your existing audience
  • Understand the call flow process and how dirty data at input impacts the output

The Marketing in the Trades Summit is a great opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry and learn marketing in the trades together. Don't miss out on the chance to take your marketing to the next level. 

>>Register Here


Plumbing Email Marketing: 9 Tips to Nail Your Campaigns

To avoid ending up in homeowners’ spam folders or having your emails unopened for days, here are 10 pro tips that can help you nail your plumbing email marketing campaigns.  Read blog.

Electrician SEO: The Complete Guide to Better Organic Traffic

Fact – 75% of people only look at the first page of search engine results. That means if your electrician business isn’t on the first page, you’re missing out on potential customers. To avoid this, you need to boost your online visibility and your best ally in this is search engine optimization (SEO). Read blog.

Additional Resources

Be sure to check out our complete list of Marketing Pro resources here.

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