Discounts on Membership Invoices

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The fact that you can't add another non-membership line item in a membership invoice (if you do "Sell Membership") is weird. But if you export the invoice and do an adjusted invoice you can... ?? 

Anyone else know a way around this? We can't change the prices of the membership itself. 


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I know what you mean and 100% agree.   I was with in-person support at Pantheon trying to figure out a better workflow.  This is for when we sell a membership from the office and can't add on other non-membership tasks, such as a coupon to reduce the balance owed. 

What we ended up doing is turning on a back-end setting that allows adjustment invoices to be created before an invoice is exported.  I don't see this on the feature configuration page, so you should talk to your Admin/ CSM about getting this turned on.  It has been very nice for adding the coupons, and doing membership refunds since a negative payments can't be recorded on an invoice when it isn't done through the refund workflow (only adjustment invoices).Member picture.PNG

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Are you wanting to not have the additional items have the membership discount on the initial membership invoice?  Could you show an example to see if we can help better?


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