Membership recurring service billing template/invoice

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We have our recurring services set up where the "task" is auto populated in the billing template. Our issue is this: we have customers that have more than 1 system, some have up to 4 systems in total. So for example when I go into the customer who has the 4 systems, and I go into the recurring service and change the quantity to 4. Which ideally showed also change the total for materials etc. However what actually happens is it changes EVERY Customer that has a recurring service to the quantity of 4. If another CSR goes in to a customer who has lets say 2 systems, and they adjust it to be quantity of 2 it changes EVERY Customer that has recurring service to a quantity of 2. None of our CSR's have permissions to allow them to edit the actual template, they are going into that customers location and going in through that customers recurring service to make the changes but it is still doing the same thing of changing every customer. PLEASE PLEASE someone tell me what we are doing wrong as we cannot find a way around it. 


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do you have an "add-on" task for more than one system?  with that task you can put how many systems and it should bill correctly.    i am having issues with recurring services recognizing the full amount on a PM and not 50 % of the amount.  My task are correct per ST but it is hit or miss on who it does it to.  it doesn't always happen with the PM's falling in the calendar year.  this has been an on going issue since Aug.  

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Could you set it up so that recurring services in a memberships pertain to all the systems covered by the membership? For example, any residential membership that includes a heating and cooling tune-up in 12 months only has two total recurring services in the whole membership, regardless of how many systems. Each recurring service would recognize half of the revenue collected for the membership. So a recurring service would recognize more revenue for a 4-system membership versus a 1-system membership.

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Hello @mindieda,

I would suggest you to have separate recurring services, i.e. 2-System, 3-System recurring service. This way you would not need to edit them manually.

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This is actually how I had to set up our memberships.