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Hello Everyone!

We are a garage door company and are new to memberships. I was wondering if anyone has customers sign a terms and conditions agreement? And if anyone cared to share what they included in their agreement. We would like cover ourselves from being sued for something silly but we have no idea where to start. Any tips on what to include in this agreement would be highly appreciated. We already have what the membership services and discounts will include, it's just the legal end of it is where we need help. Thank you all for being such a wonderful community!


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We have a form that we use as the "contract" for the membership.  We have an inserted image that gives them the information about what they get for their membership and then we have some legalize information about their obligation on the membership.  For example, member authorizes COMPANY to charge my payment method on file $XX amount every month and that I understand that the benefits of the program are only valid with an active membership in good standing.  We dont make it too long and then the required input is the customer's signature to complete the form.  We use a trigger to tie this form to our membership sales task so it then becomes required when selling the membership and the form needs to be completed before the job can be completed.  I also have this form setup to auto-email upon completion so the customer so the technician cant "forget" to email it to the new member.  I hope that helps!

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Ok great. These are great tips! I'm happy service titan can take care of all that paper-less.

Thanks Adam!

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@mariahmokienko I will be reaching to @AdamCronenberg to get you the answer. He has been on ServiceTitan and utilizing the platform. Thank you for asking and we want to get you the correct answer, 

Great! Thank  you for your help!

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Hi @mariahmokienko - welcome to the ServiceTitan Community and congrats on your first post! Let's see if @AdamCronenberg or @jeisenman would be able to help you out?