Cellular data?

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New to ServiceTitan and setting up iPads for 18 techs. Our unlimited cell service plan is visibly slower than our shared data plans, but obviously both work (cell company says they should be the same). Anyone have any real-world data from how much data your iPads use per month? I'm not sure a shared plan is even an option, but it's significant recurring savings and better functionality for us if so.


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

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Let's see if one of our Mobile experts @Sheena_Palacios  has worked with or has suggestions for this case. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Thanks @LBabayan. Hi @tayl428 when setting up any mobile device there are some system requirements and mobile app information to ensure your device is compatible. Network capacity should be 4g regardless if it's IOS or Andriod, and storage should be 32 GB or more. Data usage depends on size of company, unfortunately I don't have an approximate amount of data used. The network speed will be determined by the capacity and compatibility and not usage, especially if you're on an unlimited data plan. 

Sheena @ NiFT