Resolved! Missing audit history for opened estimates

Does anyone have a solution this one? I have noticed that if an estimate is sent out from a technician on the mobile device it will give this "sent a link for e-signatures to the following contacts:" in the audit history for the job. However it does ...

aatlee_h by New Contributor
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Mobile version tech accessibility for estimate

When jobs are scheduled on our technicians, they can add estimates to those jobs. However, once a job has been completed by the technician, they are unable to add additional estimates without assistance from the office staff or trying workarounds tha...

MichaelW by New Contributor
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Resolved! Making A Form Mandatory

Hi Ya'll! We are running into a bit of a problem trying to have the techs fill out an HVAC checklist form when they are on an install job. We put a trigger on it for “when close out button is tapped” but it still allows them to fill out later and the...

Katierossi by New Contributor II
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Events - Tech unable to see if TIMESHEET not checked!

With the newest update, there was a checkbox for "Needs a timesheet?" added to the new event settings. We use 1call dispatching, so our techs can only see one job at a time. With this we use events to let staff know if they need parts for a later rep...

aware134 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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ServiceTitan Mobile Cache issues

Is anyone else having issues with their techs complaining of issues: a) not being able to properly log in to service titan due to being met with a blank screen? Restarting, closing the app, etc. does not work. The only fix is uninstalling/reinstallin...

rmann by New Contributor
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New feature!

It would be awesome if service titan had a feature where customers were able to sign estimates through the estimate portal. Allowing them to accept sign, and date an estimate and it still converts to sold and notifies the office to schedule.

Akligmann by New Contributor
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Resolved! Emailing forms for non job events from the field

I am being told by Service Titan that this is not an option at this point. We have forms that we attach to non job events that our technicians fill out in the field, such as vehicle maintenance reports or safety training that is done virtually. It wo...

waynek by New Contributor
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