ServiceTitan Mobile Cache issues

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Is anyone else having issues with their techs complaining of issues: a) not being able to properly log in to service titan due to being met with a blank screen? Restarting, closing the app, etc. does not work. The only fix is uninstalling/reinstalling. b) forms not properly filling out when the tech is on the job. The only fix is uninstalling/reinstalling it. c) items disappearing from P.Os. The only fix is uninstalling/reinstalling. 

We have been told time and time again that this is a cache issue with the mobile app, but as a company that uses an MDM to manage our employees' devices, this causes a huge issue when we are constantly having to uninstall/reinstall the apps 4-5 times a day. 

I wanted to check to see if people are having similar issues. ServiceTitan should make it an option to manually clear the cache from the app settings as *most* other apps allow this as an option. 


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Hi @rmann 

On which devices are you noticing these types of issues are happening on?

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