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Hello Everybody! We are having an issue with one of our technicians layout on their Ipad. When he creates any invoice or estimate, it does not showing prices. It looks as if it is too far over, even when we print. It does not show any prices for the customer. How can we change it so we can see prices? Thanks



ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I cant help with the display issue as you would probably need to contact ST support and let them know what kind of tablet you are using and if the issue is isolated to just one technician or all of your technicians with the same type of Ipad are having issues.  Might need to update the tablet as people dont realize that every time your phone gets an update, all the apps on it get an update too, and that also goes for tablets.

As for your pricing not showing for the technician, that could be a couple of things.  Do you have your the business unit the job is in not display pricing by default?  Is the permissions on the technician set to display pricing?  I would start with those 2 area and see if that helps fix the issue as pricing can be hidden from techs if so desired and perhaps you have one of those features on accidentially.

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