Mobile View Unit Measure

I would like to see the unit of measure show in the mobile view for items in the Pricebook. In the Pricebook (on PC) the unit measure is visible, but when our technicians are using their tablets in the field they cannot see if the material they are (...

Deneen by New Contributor
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Add square or circle option to Photo Mark Up

Very simple fix. I would like to have the option to add a circle and a square, a straight line, on the photo mark up. Maybe change the size of the marker line. It would just help keep things move faster and look much cleaner. When on site doing estim...

Text Forwarding

Hello we are finding out that this platform does not forward text messages, that it ends on ST platform. This doesnt make much sense to me. Many of us wont be on the ST page waiting for messages to come through; and customers will assume we have rece...

apolloliu by New Contributor
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Making outbound calls from job history

My guys and I are wondering why we can't make an outbound call to a customer from history? after the job is complete, we can see contact details but can't click the buttons to call. that means a tech that wants to call a customer to check if the repa...

GPS directions

I am looking for a way I can get the START button on the tablet while in ST for google maps that will have the voice giving the turn by turn directions.

OZ by New Contributor
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Techs access to turn off job notifications

Often the techs will reach out to us in the office while they are in the field and ask us to turn off job notifications for specific jobs they are working on. It would be ideal if they could have access/permission to do this themselves from the field...

Resolved! Ability to zoom in on pictures in desktop and mobile

Really hope this get's modified so we can zoom in on pictures that our techs take. It is very common to have to zoom in to see certain items, or details, and currently it can't be done without first downloading the image to the computer.My previous s...

MikeHVAC by New Contributor II
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