Mobil update

At Pantheon they mentioned an update for mobile phone users. When can we expect this update, and what changes will be made?

Crew Leader and Project Manager Daily Logs

How are others using the features within Aspire to report 'daily logs' at the end of each day?We typically have our crew leader and/or anyone who visits a job site (PM, owner, designer) log what they did on site that day and attach multiple photos to...

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i understand when a tech arrives to a job he has a forms option and those forms attach to said job. however the MY FORMS tab on the top of the mobile app is not the same, and they can only be saved to that techs device/dashboard what is the purpose o...

We have a question about the Pricebook on mobile

Hello! We have a question about the present stage when offering an estimate (quote) to the customer. We want to know if there is a way for the quote, that we are presenting to the customer, can show materials that are attached to the equipment. For e...

Resolved! Tech Issues with Dashboard

Good morning! We have Service Professionals that are unable to click "MORE" on the iPad in order to see Job Summary. Is anyone else having this issue or have been able to correct it?

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Mobile side estimate feature

Tenant was calling because they want to know if there's a way to they can create the estimates for later and not just right after finishing an appointment from the Mobile side for their technicians.So they go to the appointments, then they measured e...

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Estimate Overview Screen

Hello Everyone!Has anyone had an issue with their techs screen like attached? For some reason, when creating estimates they will slide under the price options fly out and they have to rearrange them to see what was built out. Any and all info would b...

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currently, the technicians are only able to see the arrival window for scheduled jobs. the techs have NO ACCESS TO SEE WHEN THE JOB IS SCHEDULED TO END. This is extremely critical especially for service techs. The techs need to be able to see this in...

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